Long Johns Bum Flap

"Wisconsin Winter"  Brian R. Hibbard  2012

"Wisconsin Winter"  Brian R. Hibbard  2012

Fog on the mirror
Cold in the air
Exhale breath clouds
Frozen despair

Highway ice rinks
Time stands still
Frigid grid lock
Going down hill

Old man winter
Polar Vortex
North pole voodoo
Bitter weather hex

Overworked furnace
Start a bonfire
Campbell soup blankets
Burning desire

Eskimo kisses
Negative thirty
Long johns bum flap
Let's get dirty

We Are Human

Selfish creatures
With obsessive features
Taught to kill
Forced to swill
swallow the pill
climb the hill
we all fall down

Stealing honey
To sell for money
Raping the bees
And killing the trees
The foliage is leavin'
Giving into the season
We all fall down

Overwhelmed with choices
Struggling for voices
We yearn to be heard
Crave to be cured
The kiss of death
A breath of fresh air
when we all fall down

With a heartache
Burdened by fear
Overcome by peers
Pressure to succeed
It feeds our greed
We are human

"Reincarnate"  Brian R. Hibbard 2010

"Reincarnate"  Brian R. Hibbard 2010

Land of the Free, Home of the Contradiction

"Land of the Free, Home of the Contradiction"  Brian R. Hibbard 2013

"Land of the Free, Home of the Contradiction" 
Brian R. Hibbard 2013

Cancer stick breath mints
Fire-breathing meth heads
Tucked in under America's bridges
Living the dream on concrete futons

Capitalist refuse
Forfeiting hunger games
Asking for helping hands
And receiving cold shoulders

Corporate lobbyists beg
A young nation grows older
But no one's the wiser

Entire cities erupt in corrupt bankrupt change cups
Spilling over in stock market casinos
Bit coin treasuries occupy mall streets

Remote controlled wars with minority majorities
Propaganda drones seize thrones
Talking heads justify lies

Archaic diction governs the robots of today
Fearing change as we beg for more
Pope Francis' helping glances draw sneers
From the right-wing gears

In the media machine
America's Dean
Wagging his finger
At the spellbound peons

Plugged into the hypnotizing glow of TV screens
Prescription zombies affixed to couches
Inside hard-earned living room IKEA jail cells